Workshop in Physical and Wearable Computing

Physical computing encompasses the design of interactive physical systems through the use of software and hardware that can sense and respond to the analog world. Applications of physical computing are becoming spread and, thanks to technology miniaturization and fast prototyping, it is now possible to experiment solutions of interactive and wearable objects that can be digitally fabricated.

Goal of the workshop is the design and prototyping, through the Arduino platform, of objects that sense, interpret and react to the real world and that can be wearable and digitally fabricated.
During the first phase of the workshop, notions of physical and wearable computing will be provided together with an introduction to the Arduino platform and to digital fabrication techniques.

In the second phase, workshop activities are split in two different tracks:
- the physical computing track, held by Massimo Banzi, will focus on the design and prototyping of digitally fabricated interactive objects.
- the wearable computing track, held by Zoe Romano, will explore the world of digital fabrication applied to open source fashion and, in particular, to the implementation of digitally fabricated accessories featured by interactive behaviors.


Summer school in digital fabrication and interaction design 2012
23 – 27 July 2012